Dendrobium Rose Lei

A dendrobium lei with roses added for an elegant touch.

Maile Lei

A traditional royal lei which is given to

represent honor, respect or any special occasion.  We have enhanced the maile with fragrant leis to make it special.

Ginger Song of India

Beautifully woven with ti leaf variegated dracena leaves, accented with red or pink ginger and finished with a ti rose which is good luck. This lei is everlasting. Ships well.

Double Orchid Lei

For that special person available in purple and white. Ships well.

Keepsake Ti-Kukui Nut Lei

Made with Kukui nuts, various shells  and ti leaf. This lei is everlasting. Ships well.

Flower Leis

Red Ginger Yap Leis

Woven with Red Ginger petals & ti-leaves. 

An everlasting lei that ships well.

Ti-Leaf Lei

The Ti-Leaf means protection or good luck.  It is available with dendrobium orchids or just the ti-leaf itself.  It dries very well.  Excellent for shipping.

Ti-Leaf intertwined with the fragrant Pikake.

(white flower)

Orchid Lei

Dendrobium Lei, perfect for all occasions, available in  purple and white. Ships well.

Tuberose Mix

Fragrant tuberose blossoms with Dendrobium orchids accented with ti-leaf.

Ah Lan's Lei Stand

Fresh Flower Leis